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The original Success Deck is a deck of cards representing our copyrighted, 40-day motivational program.  The program is  based upon research into the psychological and sociological impact of specific tasks, and the effects those tasks have on motivating (and demotivating) people. Because each day’s activities are listed on one card – it is convenient to take the information with you.   Please note: The research studies used in Success Deck program are used in the extended motivational program below and can be used together very effectively.

We took what we learned from the original Success Deck, added information, and created an 8.5 x 11 inch booklet.  Many customers love to use this larger book for contemplation and planning – and carry the individual card from the Original Success Deck during the day.  The Programmed for Success Booklet is $24.95 per copy.

The same information as the Booklet – but some customers like the 3-hole binder approach because they like to add their own pages and notes.  A little more expensive because the materials and production costs are slightly higher.   The Programmed for Success Binder is $29.95 per copy.

Additional Goal Worksheets

You will understand this product once you get started and complete your first program.  This resource includes the worksheets needed for your next goal.  This package is priced at $9.95.   

Motivational Post Card Pack

This resource consists of Motivational Quotes printed on a forty 3 x 5 inch index cards.  One side provides daily inspiration while you work on the goal and the blank side allows you to make notes or write your daily affirmations.  Multiple card pack versions with different motivational quotes are available.  Each card pack is priced at $6.95.

M2 Support Program - $49.99 per year

Our yearly subscription service includes a combination of skill-building videos, a deeper dive into the whys of each day’s activities, blogs, and other resources to help you build and achieve stronger goals.

The Complete Package

What an awesome gift for you or for someone special in your life.  The complete packages includes:

  • The Original Success Deck
  • One “Programmed for Success” Booklet or Binder
  • An additional set of Goal Worksheets
  • A one year subscription to our M2 Support Program.

If these items were purchased separately, the cost would be almost $112.   But today you can purchase the entire package for $99.99 and save over 10%.