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There’s a difference between an achiever and a leader.

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StrengthsBuilders Community

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StrengthsBuilders Community is a place where like-minded Strengths Enthusiasts can learn more about a positive approach to personal and professional development. Inside the Community you will receive valuable development TIPS, RESOURCES, and friendly peer SUPPORT to help you Lead and Live Strong!

Strengths-Based Leadership Tribe

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It is a community specifically for leaders of teams that are struggling with people and performance problems and are intrigued by a positive, strengths-based approach to their leadership and team development. Inside the Tribe you will have access to leadership and team development TRAINING, RESOURCES, and friendly peer SUPPORT and accountability.

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Leadership Development

10 Must-Have Leadership Development Resources for Great Leaders
Did you know the average CEO reads about 60 books a year? That’s because they understand just how important it is to continue learning. When you stop learning, your career and your impact as a leader is at risk! Download this free resource and see Valerie’s top 10 Must-Have Leadership Development Resources for continued growth!

Leadership Challenge

#ExerciseLeadershipToday 7-Day Challenge
The purpose is to increase your awareness of some of the hidden challenges that tend to trip us up as leaders. Each day you will receive a short, micro-lesson explaining a specific leadership competency along with a compelling challenge designed to help you take meaningful action throughout your day! Seven simple, yet powerful, leadership lessons guaranteed to help you grow your influence and effectiveness as a leader.

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