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The original Success Deck is a deck of cards that is a copyrighted, 40-day motivational program based upon research into the psychological and sociological impact of specific tasks and the effects those tasks have on motivating (and demotivating) people. Because each day’s activities are listed on one card – it is convenient to take the information with you.   Please note: The research studies used in Success Deck program are used in the extended Programmed for Success motivational program and can be used together very effectively.

The Success Deck is an actual deck of cards that breaks down the 40-day program into daily exercises.  Each day’s card is geared toward assisting you in a particular area.    Completing the directions for each day will dramatically enhance and speed your progress towards your goal.  Some of the tasks are challenging, and some are unique, but each has a deep meaning, that when mastered, will change your life forever.

It clearly lays out a step-by-step plan which is the key to success and goal achievement.  This tool breaks down the complexities of success and puts them into simple to follow daily instructions.  You greatly enhance your ability to follow through on the goals you set by having our simple, but powerful, program guide you through the process.

How the Success Deck will Benefit You:

  • The pre-structured step-by-step motivational program takes the risk out of you trying to put a goal achievement plan together yourself, and never getting around to doing it.
  • These well-researched truths will greatly improve your whole life when implemented, not just in the area you initially intended to apply it to.
  • The Success Deck will significantly increase the likelihood that you will indeed achieve your goal.
  • You will absolutely reach your goal faster using the structure of the Success Deck.

How is Our Motivational Product Different From All Others?

  • It is a daily plan!
  • You don’t have to figure it out…it has already been put together for your maximum benefit.
  • It is portable and convenient!
  • You can carry each day’s card with you, which increases your commitment to following the program and doing the exercises designed to help you succeed.
  • It never loses its value! After completing the 40-day program, you will be instructed to shuffle the deck and continue on in a random fashion to create ongoing motivation.

What is Success Worth to You?

Well, first ask yourself …. How much would you pay for:

  • A chance to make financial or personal progress that you haven’t been able to make in the past?
  • A chance to learn the techniques that successful people employ on a daily basis?
  • A chance for a structured program to guide you in your journey to achieve your goal?
  • A chance to significantly decrease the amount of time it takes to successfully make that goal achievement journey?
  • A chance to have a real chance at making your dreams come true?

Chances are you have already spent a good deal of time and money in your pursuit of success.  Most likely, you are aware that a two-hour motivational program can easily run $100, $200, or even more.  And let’s be honest, have you put any of those ideas or that information into practice?  Perhaps you find that your interest or motivation fades after a few days.

Since we consider our money to be the “sweat equity assets” of our lives, we don’t part with it easily.  Neither should you.  That is why we charge only $14.95 for the Success Deck.

We want to see as many people as possible reach their goals, realize their dreams of success, and achieve victory today.  We believe $14.95 is a spectacular price to ask for all the amazing benefits the Success Deck program will bring into your life.



Weight 6 oz
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