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Use creative visualization to create mental pictures of your goals

- setting goals alone will never let you achieve your goals!

About Us

Who we are - what we do - why we do it - how we do it

This motivational program was inspired after listening to and reading hundreds upon hundreds of hours of motivational and success products. I found that the difficulty in reaching goals arose in trying to capture all of that information and actually applying it.  I was also fascinated with the people around me who wanted a better life but never seemed to do anything about it...or get very far with their efforts when they did try.  So the one-day-at-a-time > not too much information at once > step by step > motivational product idea came into existence.

The original Success Deck was a deck of cards that was a copyrighted, 40-day motivational program based upon research into the psychological and sociological impact of specific tasks and the effects those tasks have on motivating (and demotivating) people.  The original Success Deck is still available and the research studies used in that program are used here in the extended motivational program.  

What is the Success Program?

By researching many social psychology and human behavior studies … as well as reviewing techniques that have worked in many people’s lives ... this Success Program was born. The Success Program is a tool that breaks down the complexities of success and puts them into simple- to- follow, daily instructions. You greatly enhance your ability to follow through on the goals you set by having our simple, but powerful program, guide you through the process.

The 40-day Success Program is the solution you need to stay motivated. Learn to stay motivated and you will succeed! 

We have done all of the studying and structuring for you. Completing the directions for each day will dramatically enhance and speed your progress by guiding you day by day down the RIGHT path towards accomplishing your goal. Yes, there are many paths, so don't waste your time on the wrong one. Our program will help you know the difference.

Finally, a creative, scientifically designed, motivational product that clearly defines a step-by-step plan which is the key to success and goal achievement. Our pre-structured motivational program takes the risk out of putting together a goal achievement plan......or worse, never getting around to creating a plan. Some of the tasks are challenging, and some are unique, but each has a deep meaning, that when mastered, will change your life forever.

How is our motivational product different from all the others? It is a daily plan and you don't have to figure it out.  It has already been structured for your maximum benefit. This increases your commitment to following the program and performing the exercises designed to help you succeed.  It never loses its value.  After you complete the forty day program, continue to create ongoing motivation and pursue additional goals.

Who could benefit from Mental Motivation?

  • a student entering Junior High School, High School or College
  • someone who wants to improve their confidence or self-esteem
  • a High School or College Graduate
  • a Job Seeker
  •  someone who really wants to complete their New Year’ resolution
  • anyone with a dream – a passion – a goal for their life
  • someone looking for a unique gift for someone special

Rick Plis

Goals Coach, Sales Coach and Strengths Facilitator

Rick Plis has a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering Technology from the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown – and over 40 years of experience in technical sales. Rick understands, and embraces, the concepts of success that include developing trusting relationships with clients, becoming a subject matter expert, taking the time to learn true needs and issues, and maintaining a positive and forward-moving attitude.

His strong senses of responsibility, discipline, and consistency have contributed to organizations improving efficiency, stability and growth. Rick is consistent in his efforts and is all about getting tasks accomplished. He is a responsible person who is reliable and dependable. Rick is adept at working across all internal, and external, organizational levels from hourly personnel, manufacturing laborers, engineers, management and owners.

Rick whole heartedly embraces the Mental Motivation approach to developing solutions and individuals based on positive psychology and a philosophy that values the unique qualities that each individual possesses. This is not just “feel good” consulting, selling and coaching. Rather, it is all about identifying, developing and leveraging what is “right” about people and solutions and is tied directly to your goals and desires.